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  • PEPIT collection

    About collection

    PEPIT is a collection based on BRILL fabric, its smooth coordinate. BRILL served as basis for three kinds of PEPIT fabric, all of them featuring the ever trendy houndstooth - the pattern known in Poland as “pepitka”. Version one features a big, clear pattern in strong contrast to the background colour. Version two applies a much smaller pattern - despite its strong contrast to the background colour, the fabric may appear to be homogenous from a distance. Version three has houndtooth patterns interwoven into checkers. With the BRILL fabric in the mix, we get to combine four different fabrics connected by means of patterns as well as colour. All fabrics have the characterised by elegance resulting from glow and shading, durability combined with great technical parameters, and ZERO SPOT SYSTEM, which makes them easy to maintain.

    Additional information

    Ignitability - EN 1020 part 1 – fabric can be ordered in exact length.