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  • API

    About collection

    API is a unique fabric in many ways. It is the first ITALVELLUTI fabric which, despite varied composition, was reinforced with the Zero Spot System - a unique technology developed in ITALVELLUTI laboratories. It prevents the penetration of spilt liquids into the fabric and facilitates the removal of all types of stains.

    The fabric's texture, inspired by honeycomb, is unique as well. API draws attention and interest by creating an impression of space and very interesting visual effects created on furniture. Using appropriate weave and various types of fibres makes the fabric change colours depending on viewing angles. The calm colours of API are not pretentious. However, if you prefer stronger accents, you can choose colour versions made of melange contrasts.

    Additional information

    Ignitability - EN 1020 part 1 – fabric can be ordered in exact length.

    Ignitability - EN 1021 part2 – fabric available in bales, after ordering.