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    When it comes to the perfect fabric, everybody has their own opinion on the matter. Depending on the person, the most important features range from durability through ease of care to softness. SORRENTO fabric has all of these traits. Its polypropylene fibres are very solid and durable (SOLID AND DURABLE), do not absorb impurities (STAIN-RESISTANT), and are easily cleaned in the washing machine (MACHINE-WASHABLE). Since water does not wash the pigment out of the fibres, machine-washing does not reduce this fabric’s properties, nor the intensity of its colours (WATER-RESISTANT COLOURS). As far as light is concerned, its influence on the colours is minimal. The dye is applied to the PP mass, not the finished fibres. This, combined with the appropriate composition of suitable dyes and UV stabilizers, serves to minimize the loss of colour due to light (LIGHT-RESISTANT COLOURS). Such properties make the fabric appropriate for all sorts of outdoor applications, like shading, awning covers, hammocks and garden furniture. SORRENTO fabrics need no ironing (NO IRONING NEEDED). They are resistant to piling (PILING-RESISTANT). They provoke no allergies, neither do they create an environment that supports the development of mites and bacteria (ANTI -ALLERGY, -BACTERIA, -MITES). The fabric feels pleasantly cool when it’s warm and pleasantly warm when it’s cold (COOL IN SUMMER, WARM IN WINTER). In addition, it’s easy and comfortable to hold and its colouring is safe and practical. Finally, there’s a bonus for the defenders of Nature: the fabric is 100% recyclable, and thus serves to reduce the amount of waste (100% RECYCLABLE, 100% ECO-FRIENDLY).

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