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  • AMALFI collection

    About collection

     AMALFI Collection is inspired by the “Urban Style” trend created by the distinguished Italian designers. The trend is rich in colourful geometrical patterns, stripes and zigzags. The characteristic feature of this design is a deft combination of a number of colours that seem not easy to match.  Colours and their contrasts are as intense as colours and contrasts of the world’s metropolises, as well as of the picturesque coastal towns. However, for the needs of the furniture market, the colour scheme of AMALFI fabric has been appropriately subdued and combined with a plain coordinate - POSITANO fabric.

    Examined from all angles, POSITANO changes it’s colour like “a chameleon”due to the combination of two different kinds of polyester fibres that are in contrast to each other. When appropriately woven, they make the fabric look different, depending on the way of viewing. It creates a very interesting effect on a piece of furniture, changing not only the tint but also the colour on separate surfaces of a solid. The use of polyester fibres provides permanence and allows to maintain the fabrics clean, especially thanks to the application of Zero Spot System technology, which makes penetration of liquids harder, and removal of all kinds of stains from the fabric easier.

    Additional information


    Ignitability - EN 1020 part 1 – fabric can be ordered in exact length.

    Ignitability - EN 1021 part2 – fabric available in bales, after ordering.