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  • PIXEL collection

    About collection

    In the times when “a picture” is associated more with a computer monitor, TV screen or mobile phone display than with a painter’s work of art, ITALVELLUTI designers have attempted to prepare a collection, the pattern of which explicitly refers to a digital image.   PIXEL is a fabric whose geometrical pattern is composed of colourful squares, arranged in fanciful wholeness.  In addition, different kinds of weave have been applied in particular elements of the pattern, which highlights originality of the fabric.The colour scheme oscillates around browns, beiges and greys, i.e. safe and “domestic” colours.They are revived by fashionable elements of turquoise, red and yellow.

    The coordinate for the fabric PIXEL is  PANAREA - a “chameleon”-like fabric that changes its colour depending on the angle of viewing.  It is made of two contrastive kinds of fibres, and the use of appropriate kind of weave makes only one of them visible from a certain angle.   The elegant and quiet colour scheme of  PANAREA fabric is a perfect match with PIXEL palette.  Additional assets of this product its technical parameters, and the use of Zero Spot System technology prevents absorption of wet stains by the PANAREA, and makes it easy to remove all kinds of impurities.

    Additional information


    Ignitability - EN 1020 part 1 – fabric can be ordered in exact length.

    Ignitability - EN 1021 part2 – fabric available in bales, after ordering.