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    About collection

    COUNTRY is a collection inspired by Italian countryside, its magical landscapes and the simplicity of rural life. The collection drags you away from reality and moves you into another world, teeming with Mediterranean atmosphere. The collection includes three fabrics: COUNTRY, with ordered small stripes, COUNTRY FLOWER with a stylized plant-flower pattern and COUNTRY GEOMETRIC, with motiffs based on Italian folk costumes. They are all designed in gentle pastel colours: mainly lavender, olive, azure sky and scorched earth.  The absence of intense colours, varying textures or stark contrasts makes the collection very toned down and natural.

    The COUNTRY collection fabrics are difficult to make dirty, and the fact that the majority of stains can be easily removed with clean water makes the collection entirely unique. This is thanks to the protection offered by the ZERO SPOT SYSTEM. Developed in ITALVELLUTI labs, this technology inhibits the penetration of liquids into fabric and facilitates stain removal.

    The COUNTRY collection is undoubtedly a fresh and original set of fabrics, which go perfectly with varying shades of wood, glass or polished metals. It is also a fresh look at the market requirements and the increasing demands of clients, as well as a tip of the hat to the tradition and style of Italian fabrics.

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