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    About collection

    The Land of the Rising Sun often delighted us with its splendour and inspired authors representing various fields. Distant and mysterious, with extremely rich culture and history, and at the same time full of life and rapid changes.

    These are the features of the JAPAN COLLECTION. Subdued colours and unique character of the TOKYO fabric are blended with its continuous and dynamic transformation. This fabric seems to live its own life. As a result of many technical tests, it was possible to highlight and sustain the shading effect of its nap. This is what makes the fabric look different after almost every touch. The characteristic appearance and delicacy make TOKYO resemble velour. From the technical point of view, however, the product is much more durable than velour and simply of better quality. The fabric, thus, may be defined as microvelour, combining the durability and practicality of microfibre with the delicacy, softness and elegance of velour. The customers who are familiar with the two above-mentioned fabrics will easily understand the positive features of TOKYO. Applying Zero Spot System, an innovative ITALVELLUTI technology of securing fabrics against stains, constitutes a great advantage of the product. Together with high technical parameters, it guarantees long and problem-free use. A broad range of colours and coordinates in the form of fabrics RIGA JAPAN and FIORE JAPAN extend a lot the possibility of using this outstanding and innovative collection. RIGA JAPAN are beautiful and rainbow-coloured stripes, perfectly matching the colours of TOKYO. Both TOKYO and RIGA JAPAN are protected by the Zero Spot System. The customers preferring more subdued shades are recommended FIORE JAPAN - an elegant jacquard fabric with a subtle weave and an interesting Japanese plant-like motif, made exclusively from natural components (cotton).This fabric has been enriched with Liquid Protection System - a technology preventing absorption of spilt liquids. All fabrics are parts of a coherent and well-matched collection providing various application ways.

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    Ignitability - EN 1020 part 1 – fabric can be ordered in exact length.