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  • BAMBU'

    About collection

    Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and an ecological material used to manufacture a vast number of products. It is applied more and more often. Its growing popularity is the result of its natural character, being the main inspiration for Italian designers working on the fabric BAMBU’.

    BAMBU’ is a fabric composed of straight fibres with thick and distinct weave. Its raw and irregular form is clearly associated with the linen weave of fabrics made from natural materials. Nevertheless, the fabric is produced exclusively from high-quality polyester. BAMBU’ is aimed at customers who expect natural and pleasant appearance, as well as technical parameters characteristic of synthetic fabrics. 

    It is an essential feature concerning not only product durability but also easy maintenance. BAMBU’ is a sort of hybrid combining qualities which have never previously been present in one fabric. On the one hand natural appearance, softness and pleasant feel, on the other hand advanced technology, problem-free use and very high technical parameters. Applying Zero Spot System, an innovative ITALVELLUTI technology of securing fabrics against stains, constitutes an additional advantage of BAMBU’. The technology makes the product extremely resistant to wet and dry stains. A complement to the set of positive features of BAMBU’ is the interesting range of colours including natural and subdued ones, as well as more vivid and modern shades. 

    All this provides unlimited ways of arranging and using furniture in various interiors.

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