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  • MARENGO collection

    About collection

    The name MARENGO carries the whole richness of inspirations. Marengo is the name of a city in northern Italy, but above all it is the name of a melange fabric, used once to make coats and suits. Finally, it is a term describing the dark shade of grey. MARENGO in Italvelluti style is a peculiar patchwork of jacquard patterns - those ones we associate with clothing fabrics. Grey is the main colour here, but the colourful accessories in six colour variants change its character.In accordance with the colour, it suits  ethno, vintage, rustic or modern style. The noticeable inspiration of the 50’s style makes it an excellent match with the furniture with wooden elements. It is an interesting coordinate for the fabric MARENGO/UNI that supplements it in the collection,as it is used especially for the backrest cushions and furniture accessories.

    MARENGO UNI is a raw, plain weave fabric, the character of which refers to MARENGO. Current trends and practicality of the fabric have been considered in the selection of melange colours.The whole constitutes a very well-composed collection, made mostly of natural fibres. Synthetic fibres function only as stabilizers preventing from excessive wear, stretching and shrinking of fabrics.It ensures long-lasting and safe use of the fabric on furniture while preserving  fundamental rules of fabric care.

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