The sale rules

  •  Two types of sale are possible: by metre or in whole bales.

        Selling by metre:
        Certain, selected collections are available for buying in this system. Currently 1500 variants of fabric are accessible. Selling is carried on on the basis of pattern books which are distributed in furniture shops by our tradesmen in consultation with furniture manufacturers. A potential, final customer chooses the particular piece of furniture and the fabric with the help of pattern books (you can find information about other ways of distributing pattern books in the section “DISTRIBUTION OF PATTERN BOOKS”

        Our fabrics are sold by metre and the realization of delivery is carried out exactly according to the customer’s needs, e.g. for the  particular shape of a piece of furniture. In this way we do not overload our customer with the necessity of maintaining proper amounts of fabric in warehouse but we ourselves are the supply base. In addition our customers do not take the risk connected with introduction of new collections because they can  produce trial products ordering even minimal amounts  and not the whole bales. This system of sale allows us to cooperate with both large and small companies or even individual customers.

        Deliveries are realized through courier service which makes it possible for the customer to receive the textile within 48 hours. The costs of delivery are covered by the supplier provided the quantity of ordered fabric exceeds 40 running metres. It does not matter whether it is 40 running metres of one type of fabric or 10 times 4 running metres of different fabrics. In case of less than 40 metres orders the buyer also pays additional cost of 17 pln/ net. These rules are valid all over Poland. Foreign buyers are asked to contact us in order to set the conditions and costs of delivery.

        Orders can be taken via e-mail:, fax: +48 18 41 45 451, phone: +48 18 41 45 457

        Our regular trading partners can obtain the possibility of using special program with the access to our stock (see “Regular customers” bookmark).

        Selling in whole bales:
        Here we have all other textiles, which were not included in selling by metre system as well as special fabrics. Special fabrics are those which underwent additional processing or impregnation. For example  non - flammable impregnation, thanks to which the textile meets the requirements of fire regulations like: “EN 1021 part 1 and 2”, “BS 5852 part 1 and 2” and others.

         We also carry out the protection of fabrics against dirt, with both original TEFLON impregnant and others from wide range of “water –repellent” products.

         Special textiles are also those, with the colour made to individual order. In case of the textiles coloured in a roll (first the textile is woven and then dyed) we are able to prepare whichever colour providing the proper minimum amount is kept. The customer provides the colour sample or specifies it using the RAL palette and within 2 weeks we prepare a trial sample. After accepting the trial sample by the customer we are ready to carry out the order. 

        The orders of textiles in this system are realized in whole rolls, without the possibility of cutting the exact number of metres. In many cases minimum amounts have to be considered, hence each time such orders must be consulted with our employees.