• We invite you to take part in creative designing of our fabrics.

    Most customers would like to see what it looks like before they make an order for a particular piece of furniture. They also think whether it will match the colour of the walls and the floor in their flat. The Italvelluti website offers a tool which allows solving this problem and creating the virtual piece of furniture using the fabric from our collections. It is you who will choose the kind of interior, the colour of the walls and the floor and first of all, which fabric will be put on different parts of the piece of furniture. By making use of your own invention, a little of imagination and the Italvelluti visualizer you can create the furniture you dream about with a few clicks of the computer mouse.

    At the same time we inform you that, because our offer is very rich, the uploading process of the visualizer may take some time. It must also be kept in mind that the result you see on the screen has a demonstrative character which to a great extent depends on the screen features.

    Create your own sofa covered with ITALVELLUTI fabrics