Italvelluti Italy

  •    The beginnings are dated to 1968, when one of the company promoters Silvio Massi started his textile trade. In 1978 Adolfo Verniani joined him and they started Italvelutti S.p.A. company in the form it has been to this day. The headquarters of Italvelluti S.p.A. is placed in the town of Montemurlo in Toscania, Prato province which has been famous for centuries as one of the main Italian centres of textile production.

       From the very beginning Italvelluti company gained excellent reputation in the textile trade. It was achieved by maintaining high quality standards, fast implementation of all technological innovations and direct and personalised style of management. At the same time the spirit of workmanship was preserved.

       The key direction of Italvelluti activity is to create refined, modern textiles – which are mainly upholstering fabrics.The company cooperates with the most famous names in the field of fabric design, it constantly takes care of quality, technological progress and attractive design.

       Italvelluti company has two weaving-mills in Montemurlo. There is also a spinning factory and logistic centre, finishing department with modern