Distribution of pattern books

  • The new pattern book with fabrics from the latest Italvelluti collection is available  in best furniture shop in Poland.

        The new pattern books include 8 fabric collections introduced this year and 8 renewed collections from the previous years. A special attention should be paid to the textiles with innovatory, developed in Italvelluti laboratories nanotechnology “Zero Spot System”. The new Italvelluti pattern books can be found in furniture shops of  Wajnert, Kler, Meblomak, Unimebel, Fameg, Libro, Komfort Meble, Lege Artis, De Velde, Swalen, Caya Design, Meble tapicerowane Alwes, Gala Collezione i AEK Design in Poland. 

       You should ask the sellers about them.

        Any manufacturer who wants to start cooperation with Italvelluti, can contact our tradesman, who will visit him and present our offer. The tradesman then, will supply the customer with a full set of pattern books with fabrics which interested the customer. Further distribution of pattern books has three different options:

       1. The manufacturer gives us the list of his furniture shops, where our tradesmen deliver the pattern books and train (cost free) the staff on Italvelluti textiles.

       2. The pattern books are sent to main office of the customer and the distribution is conducted by the customer alone and his tradesmen.

      a) if we obtain then the shops addresses, in which the pattern books were installed, our tradesmen will visit them with the aim of verification and training the staff. Then the testing sets are given free of costs.

       b) if a customer for whatever reason does not want to give us the addresses of his shops and so we cannot verify if the testing sets fulfill its role and are correctly used, the customer will have to pay the costs of delivered pattern books. It prevents our company against incurring unnecessary expenses in case the customer lost, destroyed or did not distribute the testing sets.

        3. IThere is a possibility of making nonstandard pattern books  according to the customer’s needs or supplying the customer with textiles, so he could make his own testing set.  The costs of such form of delivering the samples require settling the conditions with the Italvelluti tradesman and are paid by the customer.

        With forms when the customer pays the costs periodically he has the right to a refund of the amounts of money paid for the testing sets. However it cannot exceed 3% of the turnover realized with Italvelluti concerning buying textiles!


    We offer our partners the following kinds of pattern books with our fabrics.

    The pattern book is in the form of a catalogue in the format of 31 by 21cm. It contains fabrics with a detailed description of the collection and all the additional information concerning the textiles. Fabrics protected by “Zero Spot System” are marked with illustrative information concerning the way of cleaning this fabric. Our pattern book also includes basic technical data and photos which show the fabric on the shape of a piece of furniture. The pattern book has thick, hard cover and is printed in four languages: Polish, Russian, Czech and German.

    Special cardboard boxes which help to keep order are delivered with the pattern books.

    We also offer an elegant showcase with Italvelluti trade mark for the catalogues and leaflets.  If you want to order this showcase please contact our salesmen.


    Italvelluti has also prepared special pattern books for interior decorator’s workshops. There is a rich offer of textiles which are used in décor of flats or commercial places.


    Especially for architects we prepared a contract pattern book. It includes fabrics intended for commercial places, chosen on the basis of such parameters as resistance to dirt, strength and wide range of colours. Among them, there is also outdoor textile, with the purpose of using it outside. All the fabrics included in the pattern book have documentation required in contract sector.


    In the Contract pattern book, apart from full range the colours, technical details or ways of cleaning symbols you can also find the samples of impregnated fabrics and the ones with WATERPROOF MEMBRANE SYSTEM.

    For the customers seeking good price and rich choice of patterns, colours and structures but not needing the repetition of textiles we propose the Stock Collection pattern book with the endings of series. The Stock Collection pattern  book consists of 12 organized in colouristic groups catalogues.



    In Italvelluti offer there is also a roll up which measures 83 x 200cm promoting the Zero Spot System and Liquid Protection System – which are unique technologies of protecting textiles against penetration of liquids or stains, used in some of the Italvelluti collections. The roll up has a few language versions, which allows to present it not only on domestic exhibitions but also on international trade fairs. Detailed information on the subject of lending or buying it can be obtained from Italvelluti sales representatives.